Why Mindfulness?

“I’m definitely much more resilient as a leader. It’s almost an emotional and mental bank account.  I’ve got much more of a buffer there.”
Richard Fernandez, Director of Executive Development, Google

In our technology saturated lives, workers feel overwhelmed, overloaded, exhausted and stressed. Mindfulness is the antidote! Mindfulness techniques positively affect the mind and body to enhance work, health and productivity.

Scientific studies at Harvard, Stanford, University of California Los Angeles, University of Massachusetts and other universities prove mindfulness alters the physical structure and function of the brain by creating new neurons and producing new neural connections. Brain scans reveal that mindfulness creates increased thickness in areas of the brain that deal with attention and processing sensory input. Positive effects of practicing this mental “work out” of mindfulness include:

  • reduced stress
  • increased vitality
  • improved communication skills
  • increased concentration and focus
  • greater mental clarity and awareness
  • broader perspective for solving problems
  • more innovative ideas
  • better health--less sick days
  • enhanced cardiovascular, nervous, immune and digestive system function
  • greater happiness at work and at home

A work day filled with mindfulness. brings energy, enthusiasm vitality, creativity and productivity to the work environment.

“The workplace environment soon grew from toxic to harmonious, among other positive changes...and surprisingly the cost of healthcare actually went down due to a reduction in sick claims. ” ~ Nancy Slomowitz, CEO of Executive Management

Mindful Team Building
Achieve better communication in teams by creating a pause during which you respond rather than react. This millisecond of a pause produces better listening, better communication and more creative ideas!

Mindful Emailing
Achieve better email communication by mindfully selecting your words and knowing your desired response, including the emotional response of your words.

Mindful Work Breaks
Use a ten minute break to recharge using specific techniques then return to “The Zone” with mental alertness.

Breathing Space Rooms
This special area or room can be created in your workspace for you staff to rejuvenate with the practice-specific exercises that de-stress and create clarity and calm in minutes!

Commuting with More Calm
Driving to and from work can be stressful.  Learn proven techniques to feel fresh and alert when you arrive at work.  Learn how use the time in your car positively.

Mindful Business Trips
Learn how to reduce the stressors of business trips including airline delays, long flights and being away from home, with specific techniques and tools for rejuvenation, health and wellness.

Eating with Mindfulness
Eating a snack or lunch at work is an ideal time to practice mindfulness.  Lean better food choices to support a healthy body.

Below is a list of recent articles and studies about mindfulness: